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Why was BioSteel created?

Arisen from the necessity

After discovering that top athletes consumed products containing fillers, artificial sweeteners and flavors, mysterious ingredients and stimulants such as sugar and caffeine before and during games and exercises, BioSteel dedicated itself to developing a new quality standard for sports nutrition. The original Pink Drink, which contains a simple list of clean ingredients, was developed to provide the nutrients required for physical activity.

Commercial due to demand, grown from authenticity

BioSteel's pure, honest and effective processing quickly gained support and popularity in some of North America's best-known professional athlete locker rooms, and eventually drew the attention of consumers who eat sports nutrition on a daily basis to quality products. The legacy of #DrinkThePink ™ continues in BioSteel's Sports Hydration Mix.

Today BioSteel ™ is one of the most trusted brands in both changing rooms and homes. As the best-selling product in North American professional sports, it is no wonder that BioSteel ™ is the first choice for sports nutrition consumers worldwide.